Friday, December 13, 2013

I Gave My Dad a Hug Today

I gave my dad a hug today.  He sits in his chair and waits for a friend or neighbor to visit.  He doesn’t go to town or drive his truck anymore. No more coffee shop hour with his friends. He likes to watch Walker Texas Ranger.  If I could get Chuck Norris to visit dad that would be awesome.   Dad has traveled the world but no longer travels.  He loves people. If anyone is within earshot, he will tell them his life story and that story includes being a Christian.  He will tell you, “It doesn’t matter what church you go to, what matters is that you know Jesus.”  He is a life force even from his living room chair.  He is mostly blind, hard of hearing and has a hard time walking.  Yet he’s the one to always encourage me.  "Keep looking up, keep your eyes on Him.”  I came to give my dad a hug today.  And in return I’m blessed beyond measure.