Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Perhaps my own love of the mountains drew me to this title.  I often reflect on life and my childhood and the author does a beautiful job reminiscing in WHEN I WAS YOUNG IN THE MOUNTAINS.  Although not written in rhyme, this story has a great rhythm and flows well.  It's the kind of picture book that leaves you thinking about life, and what you've done with it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It was a different time. Imagine not being able to play professional baseball because you were the wrong race.  Despite the injustice of the era, Jackie Robinson kept his focus on what he wanted to do, play baseball.  A Picture Book of Jackie Robinson is extremely well illustrated and spans from 1919-1972.  This is not an easy read for children.  There's lots of words on each page. However, it's an important and encouraging story for all ages.  Perfect for this time of year when baseball is at its peak.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


He's majestic and warm.  He's LIBRARY LION.  I remember when I bought this book at the bookstore.  My daughter especially, couldn't get enough of LIBRARY LION.  Perhaps because she's a cat lover and this is the ultimate feline.  If only we could really find such a lovely beast at the local library.  LIBRARY LION  is very well behaved and minds the rules of the librarian as every good child should.  He's forced to break the rule of being quiet, but for good reason.  The only real tragedy perhaps, is that many libraries are becoming less and less filled with books, but with computers instead.  I think that's why LIBRARY LION is so beautiful.  It's a reminder of our past.  Libraries were actually filled with physical books, and that's the way it should be.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Little Mouse's BIG SECRET

Little Mouse's BIG SECRET is one of those books that not only is fun to read, but feels good too.  Literally, feels good.  The pages are smooth and slickery. Your kids will want to touch and run their fingers over each page.  The illustrations are delightful and simple.  As with most picture books, Little Mouse's BIG SECRET is full of elements with teaching opportunities, Colors, big and little, progression, counting and more. Don't expect a lot of words, the illustrations tell most of the story.  Needless to say, Little Mouse the character, is really cute and easy to draw afterwards.  

Friday, August 7, 2015

BIG Dog Little Dog

Fred and Ted in Big Dog Little Dog have been a favorite in my house for years.  There are several catchy phrases that my kids and I say to each other out of this adorable book.  It's a great tool when teaching about big and little.  Learning is done through silly storytelling.  Silliness is much needed occasionally!  There's lots of other learning points in Big Dog Little Dog.  Colors and opposites are throughout.  Make Fred and Ted a regular reader in your house.  You'll thank me later.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


It's a rare talent to be able to both write and illustrate your own children's book.  That's just what Julie Brinckloe did when she published Fireflies in 1985.  Firelies is a delicate story about a boy who longs to capture some fireflies and succeeds.  However,  his heart tells him that this might have not been the best idea.  The pencil drawings are beautiful.   It's a simple yet timeless book.  Not a lot of fluff.  Just a day in the boy of a life.  Well done.