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Day Zero by Summer Lane (And Giveaway)

Day Zero is another winner for author Summer Lane.  She gets better and better with every book! It’s fun to see Summer mature as her characters matures.  How can I say that?  It’s easy if she’s your daughter.  Summer writes with passion and works hard to make herself better.  She’s done this since she was a little girl. “Just let me do it.” Summer would say. And she still knows how to get the job done and have fun along the way.  I love the way she has created a new series but kept what she know the readers love.  Day Zero is a great stand-alone series that nicely dovetails with the adventures of Cassidy Hart.  For those of you who can’t imagine a book without Cassidy, meet Elle in Day Zero.  Her adventures are just as gripping as that of Hart’s.

Day Zero Synopsis: 

Elle is a survivor. 
Since the collapse of modern society, she's been living in the remains of downtown Hollywood, California, foraging for food and fighting for her life. 
And then everything changes. 
After she is forced out of her home, she heads north. What she finds is a group of bunker survivors, unlikely comrades, and the hope of a safe haven. Together, they journey toward the dregs of civilization, facing starvation, imprisonment and death. 
They are alone, but they are ready. 
Day Zero begins today. 

A novella, the first installment in The Zero Trilogy, a novella series complementing the international bestselling Collapse Series.

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About Summer Lane
Summer Lane is the author of the international bestselling Collapse Series, which includes State of Emergency, State of Chaos, State of Rebellion and State of Pursuit. The fifth installment, State of Alliance, is releasing January 2015. Summer is also the author of The Zero Trilogy and an upcoming survivalist/science fantasy series coming in 2015. She owns WB Publishing, Writing Belle Magazine, and is an accomplished creative writing teacher and journalist.

Summer lives in the Central Valley of California, where she spends her time writing, teaching, and writing some more. When she is not writing, she enjoys leisurely visits with friends at coffee shops, dates to the movies, hiking in the mountains and strolling on the beach.

Connect with Summer: 
Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | 

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Positive Pete

Today is my dad's 87th birthday.   A few years ago I wrote my first children's book called Positive Pete.  I will eventually publish my dad's story. For now though, I invite you to enjoy this video tribute to my dad. 
 I love him so much.  Happy Birthday Dad, you're the greatest.

The Story of 


Friday, January 24, 2014

State of Rebellion Release Day Tour! Author Interview with Summer Lane & Giveaway!

Today I'm taking part in the release tour for State of Rebellion, the third installment in the national bestselling Collapse Series, a YA/NA Romantic Adventure.

You're probably wondering why I have a book like this on my children's blog! Today I'd like to introduce you to Summer Ellen Lane, author. You may have noticed that we share the same middle name. It's easy for me to love Summer Lane's books, especially because I'm her mother! 
Hope you enjoy this interview! 

Summer Lane 
I'm writing my first draft of questions to you longhand while sitting in the sun. Do you ever write longhand anymore?

Sometimes. Writing longhand is impossible if I’m trying to write a novel, and my hand can rarely keep up with how fast my brain is moving, so the keyboard is definitely my favorite way to write. I will write longhand, however, if I’m hiking or otherwise far away from a computer. There’s a certain amount of peace in using pen and paper that technology can never emulate.

As you know, I always give you my honest opinion. 
How do you handle constructive critisicm?

Nobody wants to be criticized, myself especially. I like precision, rhythm and perfection, and unfortunately, we as writers know that constructive criticism is practically the hallmark of our creed. There is no escaping it. Writing is an emotional rollercoaster ride, and being picked apart by editors or critique groups can be painful – but educational. After the red vision fades, you come to the conclusion that yes, they were right. That sentence does need to go!

Describe this past year and how it feels to have three books published in one year.

It was a blur. A very good, exciting, somewhat stressful blur. Three books in the timespan of one year is something I always dreamed of doing – and here I am, doing it! I can’t believe I’m releasing my third book already. Last year at this time, State of Emergency had JUST been released. I hadn’t even written the sequel yet! I feel that amazing things are yet to come, and I’m excited to get 2014 started.

Okay. Some fun questions.

What is your favorite kind of soup?

I don’t think anyone has ever asked me that before. I would honestly have to say the cheese potato soup from Famous Dave’s. So yes. Anything with cheese and potatoes is pretty much my favorite.

What is your favorite day of the week?

I enjoy Fridays. It’s the end of the workweek, and it’s the most relaxing evening of the seven days. I like to watch Netflix on Friday nights. I’m not even going to try and deny it. I’ve always loved Sundays, too. Church in the morning and lazy afternoons? You bet!

How many different flavors have you tried at Baskin Robbins (they have 31 flavors)?

I have no idea. Maybe ten, at the most. I don’t deviate from my palette. If it’s not chocolate or strawberry, chances are it’s going to stay in the freezer.

Favorite getaway spot?

The mountains! I like spending the day in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Picnicking, hiking, reading, napping in the sunshine. Whatever I’m doing. I also love to visit the ocean when I can. At some point I’m going to visit Hawaii. But until then…San Diego will have to do!

A Note to my Readers: 

Summer really is as delightful in person as she comes across on her blog. There's only one word to describe her: Awesomesauce! 

 Information on State of Rebellion:
Everything has changed.
After a devastating ambush that left the militia group Freedom Fighters struggling to survive, Cassidy Hart has been lucky to escape with her life.
Along with her Commander and former Navy SEAL Chris Young, she's made a shocking discovery concerning the whereabouts of her father. The militias have moved further into the mountains. And the secret that is kept there will come with a price.

But when the National Guard arrives, Cassidy is faced with a choice that will force her to decide between friends and family. Omega is getting stronger. The fight for freedom looms on the horizon.
It's all or nothing.
And Cassidy has no intention of giving up.

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“This,” he says, “is all yours.”
I step into the room. Weapons and equipment are hanging from every nook and cranny. It’s a goldmine of war goodies. Chris, however, is holding up a single object. A rifle. It’s brand new, it’s sleek, and it’s awesome. He hands it to me.
It’s mine.
I curl my fingers around the weapon, the metal cool against my skin. I test the weight. Not too heavy. Just right for my size. A scope is mounted on top of the weapon.
“I’ve really needed one of these,” I say.
“You’re a great shot without optics,” he replies. “With it you’ll be unstoppable.” He hoists a backpack. “I packed this for you. It’s got a new uniform, supplies, equipment. Upgraded radio, night vision goggles.” He grins and pulls out a small handgun. “There are some nice toys in here, too. This one’s just your size.”
“You packed this for me?” I asked, touched. Because with all of the things he’s got to worry about, it’s beyond sweet that he would go to the trouble of getting supplies together for me. “Thank you.”
“My pleasure.” He drapes one strap of the pack over my shoulder. “You’re really in the military now, Cassie. It suits you.”
“I don’t know.” I gaze up at his sure, handsome face. “Does it?”
            “I wouldn’t lie to you.” He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “There’s not a lot of people that would adjust to this sort of lifestyle so well. You’ve got a gift.”
“I’ve got a great leader,” I reply, standing on my tiptoes. “You.”
He laughs softly, placing one hand on each side of my waist.
“Is that so?” he asks.
“Yes.” I kiss his cheek. “Thank you, Chris. For everything.”
            “Don’t thank me yet.”

About the Author 
Summer Lane is the author of the national bestselling YA/NA Romantic Adventure novels, State of Emergency, State of Chaos, and State of Rebellion, the first three installments in The Collapse Series. She is a freelance writer, publicist and lover of all things feline. Summer owns WB Publishing, a digital publishing company devoted to releasing exciting survival and adventure stories. In her spare time, Summer is the creator of the online magazine/blog, Writing Belle, in addition to being a co-founder and frequent contributor at NA Alley, a website dedicated to all things New Adult. She works as a creative writing teacher and consultant, as well. 

Summer began writing when she was 13 years old, due to the fact that the long afternoons after school were somewhat boring, and writing stories seemed to make the time pass a little quicker. Since then she has written many books about jungle cats, secret agents, princesses and spaceships. She is also a non-fiction writer, but her debut novels of The Collapse Series are her favorite books yet. You can find Summer hopping around on the Internet by following her on Twitter @SummerEllenLane. Want to talk to Summer? Email her at: summerlane101@gmail.com

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