Wednesday, September 30, 2015


TOOLEY! TOOLEY! published in 1979 by Scholastic is a story about two kids looking for a way to make some money.  They want to go to the movies.  Okay, so the book is a bit dated.  The seventies wasn't really that long ago, was it?  Remember when kids could still walk around on a Saturday afternoon without adults?  The story of Tooley! Tooley! isn't really inspirational.  However, the illustrations and era are a reminder of a different time in America.  Anyway, I love Scholastic books.  They're simply fun to read!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Part-Time DOG

 Part-Time Dog is one of the cutest stories I have in my vast picture book collection.  Not only are the illustrations cute, but the story is too.  Published fifty years ago, it still holds an abundance of charm.  Three adorable ladies live on the same block.  They are rather annoyed with a stray dog.  They end up taking care of him.  Then decide to call the dog catcher because they think he is too much trouble.  A guilty conscience plagues all three of the ladies and they must make a decision about the Part-Time Dog.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


PETUNIA is a pleasant read from 1950.  Petunia the goose gives lots of advice to her animal friends whether they want it or not.  She is a definite know-it-all.  I love the variety of illustrations.  Some pages are black and white.  Then full color, a good mixture.  Petunia would find it hard to be published today because of a couple of pages about fireworks.  The safety police would not approve.  I happen to love Petunia who gives a valuable lesson about the importance of reading in the end.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I love stories about mice.  The Biggest House was published in 1961 by Steck Vaughn Company in Austin, Texas.  I got this book at a church sale a long time ago. I tried searching for it on the internet and can't find it.  However, I still thought you might like to know it's a good story done in quality pencil sketches throughout .  Harry Mouse, the main character, starts out very sad until he decides to find the biggest house.  He roams from place to place finding cheese of course along the way.  A clever ending after Harry finds himself among burglars is gratifying. 
 Hooray for Harry!