Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Little Old Man

Nineteen fifty-nine was the year A Little Old Man came to life.  Author Natalie Norton didn't know that almost sixty years later this children's book lover and author would pick up her book for fifty-cents. This weekend, I stopped at a new used book store in town. It didn't take me long to find this treasure.  A Little Old Man is a clever tale about an old man who does the same thing the same way and is very content.  However, something big and new is on its way.  The reader will not guess what's in store for A Little Old Man. A storm is brewing, and with it, change.  How many times have we been reluctant to change, only finding that when it comes, were actually better off.  You can find this book used online.  You probably won't get it for the same bargain though.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Four Reasons to Read a Picture Book

If you're a book lover you may have a picture book loving side like me.  If not, here's some reasons you may want to indulge in the world of children's picture books.

Art appreciation. I'll admit I can't name any modern artists, but I know what I like. The closest bookstore is about 45 minutes from my house.  I head straight to the back, to the picture book wall in the children's department and admire the creations and whimsy of cover art.

Simplicity.  In the age of technology and speed, I think it's important to relax the mind with face to face art.  In other words, get off the computer, after you order your picture book of course, and relax with pictures and stories.

Storytelling.  Picture books are a great example of the " art of storytelling," as my daughter Summer Lane author would say.  Although she writes young adult novels, she would tell you the importance of summing up your story.  Picture books are great examples!

Youthfulness.  Picture books have always had a place on my bookshelf, and a place in my heart. That's why I finally published my first one.  Reading a picture book reminds me of my childhood, which was pretty awesome.  Today, picture books are a great way to relax and enjoy life's moments.